- DMWTM Don't Mess with the Mitten Oval Sticker 3x5

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DMWTM Don't Mess with the Mitten Oval Sticker 3x5 (DMWTMovals20123x5)

DMWTM Don't Mess with the Mitten Oval Sticker 3x5

Here is a sample image of what your oval sticker will look like.

These are 3 x 5" ovals printed on durable polyester sticker stock. Each sticker has a wax paper, rectangular backing that makes it easy to peel and affix. These stickers are built to handle extreme temperatures and won't fade in the sun or rain.

If you are satisfied with how your sticker looks you can place your order by selecting the quantity you'd like to the right. Then just proceed through the account setup and payment process to complete your order.

We accept all major credit cards through either PayPal or Google Wallet.

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Select the Quantity of 3x5 Ovals(Required) :
   1 3x5 Oval ($4.95)
   2 3x5 Ovals ($7.95)
   3 3x5 Ovals ($9.95)
   5 3x5 Ovals ($12.95)
   Pack of 10 3x5 Ovals ($21.95)
   Pack of 15 3x5 Ovals ($29.95)
   Pack of 20 3x5 Ovals ($34.95)
   Pack of 25 3x5 Ovals ($39.95)
   Pack of 30 3x5 Ovals ($45.95)
   Pack of 50 3x5 Ovals ($52.95)
   Pack of 75 3x5 Ovals ($67.95)
   Pack of 100 3x5 Ovals ($79.95)
   Pack of 125 3x5 Ovals ($97.95)
   Pack of 150 3x5 Ovals ($115.95)
   Pack of 200 3x5 Ovals ($125.95)
   Pack of 250 3x5 Ovals ($149.95)
   Pack of 300 3x5 Ovals ($169.95)
   Pack of 400 3x5 Ovals ($215.95)
   Pack of 500 3x5 Ovals ($249.95)
   Pack of 750 3x5 Ovals ($335.95)
   Pack of 1000 3x5 Ovals ($419.95)


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