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No Wind Kit for Beach Shades

  • $19.95

No Wind? No Problem!

Our innovative beach shade upgrade kit takes your beach shade to the next level!

When there's no wind, and your shade is hanging sadly in the dead, calm air, our upgrade kit will turn your shade into a beautiful, functional canopy!

The kit includes two removable shade holders that won't tear the fabric of your shade, Two water resistant, heavy duty sand pouches, and two custom length durable nylon flex cords.

PLEASE NOTE:  Canopy Not Included.


Using our Beach Shade Upgrade Kit is easy!

Just attach the innovative shade clamps to each rear corner of your shade (see video above).

Once the clamps are installed, unzip your sand pouches and fill with sand. 

Rezip your pouches then position them so the shade fabric is now stretched out creating a canopy when there is little or no wind.

Need more weight?  You can also add water to the sand in the pouches, which are lined with a water resistant layer.

That's it!  Now sit back and enjoy your beach shade even when there's no wind!

(Photos show No Wind Shade Upgrade Kit applied to a Mini in mild wind)

PLEASE NOTE:  Canopy Not Included.


During checkout tell us what your favorite beach is and we'll include two of our custom oval bumper stickers made for your beach!